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2023-2024 School Year
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Ms. Hang – Track D (AM)
Ms. Clouse – Track A (PM)
Mrs. Hemena – Track A (AM)
Ms. Biundo – Track B (PM)
Mrs. Pate – Track C (AM)
Mrs. Prater – Track D (PM)
First Grade
Mrs. Coffey – Track A
Ms. Contridas – Track A
Mrs. Slak – Track B
Ms. Tract – Track C
Ms. Owens – Track D
Second Grade
Mrs. Stauffer – Track A
Mrs. Watters – Track A
Ms. Lee – Track B
Mrs. Grossi – Track C
Mr. Axtman – Track D
Mr. Hinshaw – Track D
Third Grade
Mrs. Behr / Mrs. McLaughlin – Track A
Mrs. Merker – Track A
Mr. Spotts – Track B
Mrs. McCormick – Track C
Mrs. Bjorklund – Track D
Ms. Shaw – Track D
Fourth Grade
Ms. Klaver – Track A
Ms. Pon – Track C
Mrs. Ng – Track D
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Courtoy– Track A
Mrs. Wagner – Track A
Mr. Fee - Track B
Ms. Chorley – Track C
Mr. Zavada – Track D
Sixth Grade
Mr.  Henderson – Track A
Ms. Knorr – Track A
Mr. Anderson – Track B
Ms. Topete – Track C
Mrs. Painter – Track D

Resource Staff 
Mrs. Ali - Learning Center
Ms. Annie – Paraeducator
Mr. Apel - ABSS Paraeducator
Mrs. Boyer - ELD Coach
Ms. Burch - ABSS Paraeducator
Ms. Christopherson – Behaviorist/PBIS Coach
Mr. Coronado – PE Teacher
Ms. Dill – Academic Intervention Teacher
Mrs. Dominique – Librarian
Ms. Freeman / Ms. Bratton– Computer Resource  – Link to Computer Lab Website
Ms. Gregoire - Paraeducator
Mrs. Hernandez – Psychologist
Ms. Jessica - Paraeducator
Mr. Jones – PE Teacher
Ms. Jordan – Mental Health Therapist, G.E.
Ms. Joshua - Paraeducator
Mrs. Kawamura – Learning Center
Ms. Laughlin - Paraeducator
Ms. Liu - Paraeducator
Ms. Lu – Academic Intervention Teacher
Ms. Maudlin - Instructional Coach
Ms. McCartney - ABSS Teacher
Ms. Melisa – Speech Therapist
Ms. Molly - Paraeducator
Ms. Mullikin – Academic Intervention Teacher
Mrs. Stewart – Learning Center
Mrs. Thomas - Counselor
Mrs. Torrento – Paraeducator
Mrs. Trujillo – Paraeducator
Mr. Pereira – EXL and ASES Coordinator
Food Service Staff
Ms. Martha – Food and Nutrition Services Lead
Ms. Cecilia – Food and Nutrition Server
Custodial Staff
Mr. Campos – Custodian
Ms. Moe - Lead Custodian
Mr. Tristao De Carvalho – Custodian
Campus Supervisors
Mrs. Norma – Campus Supervisor