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Please see what our amazing PTO is doing
The Mary Tsukamoto Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an organization dedicated to the support of the Mary Tsukamoto School community.  Throughout the year the PTO sponsors family and community activities, including family movie nights, a winter holiday activity, a family dance, and a fall carnival.  The PTO also sponsors fundraising activities to raise monies to support our school.  All parents are encouraged to become a member of the PTO.  Annual PTO due are $20.00.
2022-2023 PTO BOARD
Michelle Anderson – President
Jeannie Chavier – Vice President
Samah Alzubi – Treasurer
Lisa Shaw– Secretary
Lylena Yang– Parent Liaison
Josh Anderson– Social Media Correspondent
Ellen Pate– Kinder Representative
Rosa Biundo– 1st Grade Representative
Kathy Dill– 2nd Grade Representative
Kim Bjorklund– 3rd Grade Representative
Cheryl Villavicencio– 4th Grade Representative
Camille Chorley – 5th Grade Representative
Denise Knorr – 6th Grade Representative
Brad Jones – Cross Track Representative
Molly Sangalang – Principal
Cathy Brink – Vice Principal
Additional information about the PTO may be found by sending a message to: